Throw-backs – Why Unreal was and is still awesome

There are few games that most PC gamers can all say they loved.  I really think Unreal Tournament was one of the best game series to hit PC gaming.  Fond memories with friends and coworkers are forever burned in my mind.  It was the good old days.  No nickel and diming of the gaming community with DLCs and expansions, and no damn beta testing as a public release (ahem, Battlefield 4).  This guy shares my sentiment, and for that, he get’s the video of the weak.  Please note, there is some foul language.  You’ve been warned.



What are your thoughts on the Unreal franchise and how does it compare to modern FPS games?

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  1. No esta mal, no obstante resultaria mejor que relates en relacion a el contenido con mucha mas documentacion. Un saludo

  2. Negativamewnte me presento excesivamente en consonancia con lo que escribes.
    Me Parece que el web-post no esta suficientemente informado.

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