2020 Lexus RC-F Featured in MIB: International

It’s befitting that the ominous and aggressive looking Lexus RC F is associated to a stylish comedy like Men In Black: International.  The Lexus RC F exudes brute force in both the sheet metal and engine note.  Check out the teaser video below for a sneak peak on the new MIB movie coming this summer!

We covered the 2015 RC F when it launched a few years ago.  Although we haven’t driven a more recent iteration of it, it is still one of my favorite cars I have driven.  Numbers aren’t everything, and even though an M4 or C63 AMG might beat the car in 0-60 times or outright pace, there’s a lot more to it than that.

I loved the car’s balance, naturally aspirated V8, and steering feel.  I feel like most amateur drivers will set better lap times in the RC F do to how easy it is to drive fast.  Add a Mark Levinson sound system with legendary Lexus reliability, and you can see why I enjoy this car so much.

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