Accell Cables Black Friday and Holiday Deals – Promo codes inside

To kick off Black Friday, Accell has announced all of their big blowout deals for the next month.  To simplify things and give you a good roadmap on what to expect, we have included the list of all deals to be featured leading by Accell Cables up to Christmas.  Please take note of promo codes and dates to make sure you are getting the best deal.  Happy shopping!



11/25 Black Friday: 20% off the brand new Powramid Air with promo code BLACKFRIDAY



11/28 Cyber Monday: 20% off the USB 3.0 Full Function Docking Station with promo code CYBERMONDAY



12/1: 50% off the 6-foot PowerSquid with promo code RUGGEDPOWER



12/3: 50% off the Mini DisplayPort to 2x DisplayPort Multi-Display MST Hub with promo code DOUBLEDISPLAY



12/5: 50% off two of our Mini DisplayPort 1.1a Cables with promo code MDPCABLE

– mDP to mDP:

– mDP to DP:


12/9: 50% off our (Mini) DisplayPort to 3x DisplayPort Multi-Display MST Hub with promo code TRIPLEDISPLAY

– DP version:

– mDP version:


12/10: 50% off our PowerGenius rotating outlet, dual USB surge protectors with promo code DONTWASTEOUTLETS

– 6-outlet power strip:

– 4-outlet wall tap:


12/14: 50% off select Multi-Display MST Hubs with promo code MULTIDISPLAY

– mDP to 2 DP:

– DP to 3 DP:

– mDP to 3DP:


12/16: 50% off all USB-IF certified Type-C data cables and adapters with promo code USBCCABLE



12/18: 50% off the Mini DisplayPort Y-Cable Docking Station with promo code YDOCK



12/20: 50% off our USB-C Adapter Hubs with promo code USBCHUB

– USB-C to USB-A + USB-C PD:

– USB-C to 3x USB-A:


12/22: 50% off all of our USB-C display solutions with promo code USBCDISPLAY



12/24: 50% off the newly released Powramid Air with promo code POWRAMIDAIR



12/26: Amazon Lightning Deal, limited quantities available at the promotional price

– Powramid with USB, Black:

– PowerSquid, 3ft cord:

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