Accell Driver-Less USB-C Docking Station Reviewed

Accell is known for making high quality accessories and peripherals for home office and professional use.  Everything I’ve purchased from them works immediately, and for many months or years to come.  This kind of solid performance continues with the Accell Driver-less USB Docking Station.

With three USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A ports, one 1GB Ethernet Port, a headphone and microphone jack, 4k HDMI out, and 1080p out, this docking station covers the majority of what users will need. It’s lacking a card reader, but for less than two hundred dollars that’s acceptable here. This dock also came with travel adapters, allowing you to use the included power adapter in various countries without having to purchase anything extra.

I was able to get full plug and play working on a brand new HP Ultrabook, a Dell Precision Workstation using an older Intel 6000 series processor with a Thunderbolt port, and my Samsung S9+ smartphone. None of these devices required special configuration changes or tinkering. With the right cable, it just worked. That backs up Accell’s claim of not needing any special drivers or software to benefit from what this docking station can provide.

For the IT crowd, having a universal dock like this tied to your projection system in a conference rooms gives a great backup/alternative to those using machines without a dedicated HDMI or DisplayPort output. By not requiring software, your users can take advantage of this docking station almost immediately.

The dock ran a little warm but that was about all the excitement that came from it. Every port worked fine and even my smartphone switched to an Ethernet connection once connected to the dock. The dock comes with two cables to connect to your device, one offering USB-C, the other USB-A. I had to use both depending on what device I was trying to pair to it.

Once nice feature I wasn’t aware of was the built in FAT32 formatted 8GB flash storage. It’s used to provide additional software, should you need both HDMI monitor outputs for a true multi-monitor setup. You can write to the built in storage, allowing you or IT to store important files, services, etc. in order to keep deployments simple and effective.

Overall this is a very straightforward, no-fuss docking station. If you are doing a lot of content creation or media work, I suggest you use a Thunderbolt dock like this one instead. Otherwise, this USB dock is great for general use including presentations and productivity work.

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  1. That is a grea review of a great product. I bought one and it works beautifully. The driverless feature is really cool and make set up very easy for both mirror and extended mode

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