Accell Power Dot Wall Charger Reviewed

The Accell Power Dot Wall Charger is a fairly easy product to explain and review.  Available in White or Black, the Power Dot Wall Charger allows you to wall mount your 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot.  This is awesome for places like the kitchen where counter space is at a premium.

Unlike the Dot Genie found on Amazon, Accell’s product also provides you with two USB-A ports on the right side, allowing you to charge cell phones and tablets with ease. They are not Quick Charge rated ports, but with the $24.99 price tag we didn’t expect that. This is a single outlet wall mount, which has its pros and cons. Kitchens often have GFI outlets which, with the test and reset buttons, have different spacing between both outlets on the pate. This means a dual outlet mount would either have to be designed to work exclusively on GFI outlets or standard outlets. That would limit you on where this can mount.

By making this a single outlet wall mount, you are free to use the Power Dot Wall Charger in the kitchen, hallway, or wherever else you see use for this product. The only downside is all that weight on a single outlet may allow it to come loose over time or even fall off the wall. I recommend using a single 3M Command strip right above the plug, and installing this on the bottom outlet. The Command strip will secure to the mount to the outlet plate, but still allow you to safely remove it down the road should you not need this any more.

All in all, this is a great product/compliment to your 3rd Gen Echo Dot. It provides you with another way to use something many consider invaluable to today’s smart homes.

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