Acura shows Next-Gen MDX – It’s a Looker!

The Future is Strong

Acura seems to have really hit their stride in the last year with regards to model redesigns and refreshes. Their older models lacked some of the freshness that I think is necessary in the incredibly competitive luxury category. If the gorgeous Acura Type-S concept shown last year suggests the direction Acura is going, I am very excited for their future fleet. The new design language is much sportier and modern looking, with respect to clean lines which I think will help the cars age well.

New Flagship: MDX Prototype Previews Most Premium and Performance-Focused SUV in Acura History

MDX Looks to Jump Up The Rankings

This SUV looks to be completely new in every way. The old MDX was a great SUV, but it doesn’t quite sell as much as some of the competitors. It seems as though the new MDX exudes a renewed passion from Acura to make something with more emotion and excitement.

The new MDX is completely redesigned from the inside out and in the most tasteful way. It’s not too over the top or pretentious anywhere, which should help it age well and not scare off any buyers. It’s incredibly modern, futuristic even, while still paying homage to what a luxury SUV should be. Compared to the direction some other companies have taken lately with design choices, I think Acura is an immediate front runner in the looks department.

Looks Aren’t Everything

Acura hasn’t just made the new MDX stunning. They also upgraded many other features inside and out to essentially offer an entirely new SUV. The interior is completely new, with new materials, design, and tech. Even the 22 channel, 25 speaker ELS Studio 3D® sound system brings something never before offered in the Acura lineup.

If the looks and interior weren’t enough to get you hooked, a Type-S variant is coming with an estimated 355 horsepower and 354 lb.-ft of torque from a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 paired with Acura’s SH-AWD system. The SH-AWD system was magnificent on prior Acura models, so this paired with the new double-wishbone suspension system and a wide power band should be incredible.

Interested now? So are we. I cannot wait to see the final product once it hits the showroom floors. As of the time of this writing, the new MDX should arrive early next year, with Summer 2021 expected to show the Type-S variant.

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