Alta Audio Announces New Alyssa Bookshelf Speakers

Size Doesn’t Always Matter

The premium speaker company Alta Audio has announced their newest speaker offering, dubbed the “Alyssa”.  The Alyssa brings detail and bass response that can rival highly rated floor-standing models thanks to their XTL tuning system (more on that later).  At $5,000 a pair, they are certainly not a mainstream product.  Alta Audio made this set because they wanted to produce a loudspeaker that is more attainable than some of their typical loudspeaker model lineup.  Keep in mind, Alta Audio makes a speaker pair that costs $200,000 (Reference Tower). That’s like Ferrari saying they’ve made a car people can afford.

Setting The Stage

I consider the Alyssa loudspeaker to be gateway audiophile loudspeaker. It’s an attainable pair that brings you into the audiophile world without breaking the bank. Weighing in at 28 lbs per speaker, the wooden enclosure stands at 14.5″ tall, 9.6″ wide, and 14.25″ deep. The internal volume is enhanced via Alta Audio’s proprietary XTL (Extended Transmission Line) bass tuning system. XTL is used to fine tune Alyssa’s cabinets like a fine musical instrument, which is where all of the magic comes from. Think of it as an ingenious pathway inside the enclosure that guides the sound in a way the designer intends it. Tuning this system is a special art that many companies do not bother with, either due to production costs or time constraints. The end result is enhanced bass response and a fuller sounding speaker (if done correctly of course).

Multiple Definitions of Quality

The proprietary ribbon tweeter is paired with midrange/woofer that features a titanium former (bobbin) really brings the sound stage to life with incredible detail and volume. Titanium is used because of its incredible stiffness and low mass. These are both incredibly important for audio production accuracy and power handling. All of this power and clarity is contained within Alta Audio’s exclusive DampHard multi-layered, multi-density material which frees the cabinet of resonances that cloud and distort music. The finish is absolutely stunning, with flowing curves and impeccable finish. No standard “box” speaker here.

Honestly, the magic is in the delivery. Sure these speakers cost five thousand dollars a pair, but when you compare them to much larger towers these are nothing short of magic. The XTL tuning system makes the loudspeakers sound much larger than they are. The fit and finish is of typical Alta Audio quality, with your choice Rosewood and Beach veneers in addition to the standard high-gloss piano black. These are expected to be available in September through the company’s web store and authorized dealers.

For further information, check out Alta Audio’s collection of loudspeakers:

More to follow!

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