Audio-Technica Announces New Affordable Wireless Headphones – ATH-S220BT

Audio-Technica has announced their new affordable headphones, the ATH-S220BT, which sells for a surprisingly low $59.99 US. Typically when you see headphones for $60 with Bluetooth, you don’t expect them to offer too much at this price point. Usually sacrifices have to be made to keep the cost down, but the feature list is surprisingly robust.

For starters, it’s USB-C (thank God). I expect USB-C in the middle of 2021, and I’m glad it’s present on an entry level model like this. The ATH-S220BT also features a 60 hour battery life, rapid charging (10 minutes of charge provides 3.5 hours of use), and 40mm drivers. To continue with modern and expected features, the ATH-S220BT also uses Bluetooth 5.0. If Bluetooth isn’t at your disposal, the headphone also features an aux input which allows this to work on nearly any audio device you can imagine.

The headphones’ multipoint pairing function also allows users to stay connected to two Bluetooth devices at once, making it easier to switch between tasks. A built-in microphone enables clear, hands-free calling, without the need for an external mic. The ATH-S220BT’s Fast Pair feature allows pairing with compatible Android™ devices with just a single tap, and convenient ear cup controls provide easy operation of a connected device when playing music or making a call. The controls are compatible with Siri® and Google Assistant™, for fast access to voice recognition, messages, map navigation and other features. In addition, the ATH-S220BT’s Voice Guidance function can be used to provide notifications about remaining battery level, pairing status and more.

All-in-all I’m extremely excited about these headphones for what they offer. When you look at the feature list, you’d expect no-name brands to be around this price. The most surprising thing about this headphone is the fact that it’s this affordable, yet from a legendary brand like Audio-Technica. The styling is extremely simplistic, but it’s not trying to be something it’s not so I still appreciate it for what it is. It’s available in Black, Navy, and White, and is out now!

To learn more or purchase, visit this Audio-Technica’s site:

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