BenQ ZOWIE Signs with Helix eSports Facilities as Gaming Monitor Partner

Gamers and players will rejoice in knowing they have BenQ ZOWIE powering visuals at all of the Helix eSports facilities in the northeast.  The Zowie XL2411P monitor was the easy choice due to the 24″ size, 1080p resolution, and 144hz refresh rate.  This monitors provide a world-class gaming performance while still being affordable at only $199.99.  The XL2411P monitor is based on a TN panel which naturally excels at speed.  The biggest downside to a TN panel is viewing angles which is not an issue in a competitive environment where you don’t want people peeking from the sides.

Murphy Vandervelde, co-founder of Helix eSports says, “We are thrilled to partner with ZOWIE to further enhance our esports facilities and give our gamers the best equipment for competition”.

Helix eSports facilities are the go-to training centers for professional organizations on the East Coast. With access to first-class gaming infrastructure and equipped with BenQ monitors, professional players are able to prepare for LAN events in similar to conditions to actual tournament play. In 2019, ZOWIE and Helix eSports provided gamers with this experience at the Fortnite World Cup where more than 90 of the qualified players (including all of NRG, Solary, Ghost Gaming and FaZe) boot-camped at Helix playing on ZOWIE XL2450.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the Northeast and want to get some good competitive game time, or have a big meetup with your friends to crush the enemy, this is a great place to check out. Helix eSports has a big focus on player health and safety, with thoughtful distancing and disinfection measures in place. So for those nervous about leaving your bunker at home, it seems this tech-laden gaming facility is your mecca.

Helix eSports owns and operates three esports centers in the U.S. with its flagship location in North Bergen, N.J. The company also recently opened Helix eSports Patriot Place, which is located at Gillette Stadium in Boston, and is planning to open a third location in Freehold, N.J. To learn more about the facilities, be sure to check out

If you want a taste of an affordable eSports-ready monitor to give you the same extra edge at home, be sure to check out BenQ ZOWIE’s official page here:

BenQ ZOWIE has a range of monitors designed for both PC and Console gaming, so even if the above mentioned monitor doesn’t hit the mark for you, chances are another one might. Check them out at We have reviewed other BenQ monitors on our site and YouTube channel as well. If you want to learn more about the ones we covered so far, check out the links below. We hope to review some of the Zowie line as well in the future!

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