GadgetReview Goes Full Geek – Charges BMW i3 with Honda Generator

Who needs an expensive BMW range extender when the folks at Honda have a solution for much, much less money.  The guys over at GadgetReview decided they would put this theory to the test.  They took a BMW i3 electric vehicle and drove it for the day.  Once they stopped for 30 minutes to grab a cup of coffee, they left it hooked up to a Honda generator which provided an additional 4 miles of driving range.  Not exactly a game changer but it’s an innovative way of approaching the “freedom” of an electric vehicle.  Check out the video below to see how it all went down.


[youtube id=”DBeatPl4w-4″ align=”center” maxwidth=”700″]


So is this even necessary?  The car is over $40k, and the BMW range extender is an additional $4k.  With this type of fuel savings, how much would you spend on an EV vehicle before the costs start out-weighing the fuel consumption?  People are buying Tesla’s left and right, and at a premium.  I think it’s safe to say that fuel savings aren’t the only reason why people are buying EV vehicles.  What do you think?

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