Cherry MX Board 6.0 Reviewed

The Cherry MX Board 6.0 Keyboard is truly unique.  I know that term is used and abused but this is actually the case here.  It does share a lot in common with other boards including Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches, backlighting (red only), and game mode (disables Windows key).

For a purchasable price of around $160, this board has some stiff competition.  When you look at competitor’s products offering RGB, custom keys, and rich software, it’s obvious that Cherry has its work cut out for it.  There are two standout features with this board however.  One is arguably the brightest LED backlighting I’ve seen on a keyboard.  Sure it’s only in red, but the four buttons dedicated to adjusting brightness (two are a 10% adjustment, two are 1% adjustment) allow you to dial in exactly what you want.  The second and arguably the most unique feature is RealKey technology.  RealKey technology uses an analog link between every key switch and the micro-controller, as opposed to the traditional digital scanning method found in literally every other gaming keyboard.  The benefits are the fastest key-press registration compared to every keyboard on the market.  Average key reads are about 20 ms where RealKey technology brings it down to just 1-2 ms.  If latency and responsiveness are you most important concerns, there is no other keyboard like it.  If you like red backlighting and are okay with not having special proprietary software to customize your keyboard, what are you waiting for?  The Cherry MX Board 6.0 is one of a kind.

Here’s the store listing:

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