Coal Portable Charger – QC 3.0 with Style

Coal is a relatively new brand in the market but if their portable charger line is any indication of what kind of products they intend to make, I expect to see a lot more great products from them soon.

What I have in my possession for review is their 8000 mAh portable charger, one of their least expensive products ($45 at time of writing). The finish is called Cobalt which has a gorgeous navy color with an intricately designed mesh of hexagon pinstripes. It’s a unique way of taking a fairly bland product type and making it high end. If the unique design and color wasn’t enough, it’s also rubberized and features a digital display at the top that showcases the remaining charge percentage with the press of a button. The Amazon link below allows you to select both capacity and a range of great looking color and pattern options.

If you’re looking for the cheapest mAh per dollar this isn’t it. If you want the smallest size per mAh, this isn’t it either. This product is fairly long given its capacity, but is still thin and light enough to not feel too bulky. I think where this product shines is build quality, style, and most importantly, performance. It has Qualcomm’s Quick Charge (QC 3.0) certification both in and out. What this translates to is rapid charging of both the portable charger itself and your phone. No more wasting time!

To add more icing on the cake, the heavier gauge braided wire includes the three most common charge connectors out there. With this one purchase, it covers Micro-USB, USB-C and Apple’s Lightning connector. For most households this is a must. I have am mix of all three thanks to the kid’s tablets, my wife’s iPhone, and my Samsung Galaxy. We can now travel with this one pack and alternate as necessary without packing extra wires. If you want to charge two devices simultaneously, purchase the 12000 mAh model instead. Not only does it have two USB ports, but the extra capacity helps fully charge multiple high-capacity devices.

All in all, I love this charger. It’s now my primary portable charger due to the excellent build quality, style, and speed of charge. The battery indicator percentage at the top is great for geeks like me who prefer numbers over a 4 levels of LED’s leaving me to “guess” of what’s left, which is what most other charger brands do. I think Coal crushed it with this product offering and I really look forward to seeing what else the release on the market (hopefully soon!).

To purchase your own today, check out this link to pick out your color and capacity (no-affiliate links here, so don’t worry!

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