Creality K1 Max Review – A Big 3D Printer for Beginners and Experts

The Creality K1 Max is the largest of three K1 series printers from Creality. With a print build size up to 300mm³, and a print speed of up to 300mm/sec, the K1 Max is capable of large prints with a relatively short time. The full enclosure helps reduce dust, and noise, while the touch screen makes it easier to manage during prints in addition to the setup process. I’m not an expert in covering many different 3D printers, but as a new hobbyist to the 3D printer space, I share my experience of the K1 Max being my first 3D printer and the learning pains that came with it. Thanks for watching!

I elected not to create an affiliate account or take compensation. I do not want any financial incentive to cloud or tarnish my opinion on a product like this. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and reflect a genuine ownership experience from someone who did not have a deep history in understanding 3D printer settings until I received and operated my K1 Max. I know this is not a type of product I normally cover, but I genuinely like 3D printing and wanted to have a good, flexibly unit of my own for future project ideas.

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K1 Max:
K1 (standard size):
K1C (new release):

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