CTEK Launches CT5 POWERSPORT Smart Charger just in time for Holiday “Toys”

A Battery Charger and Maintainer for your Motorsport Toys

CTEK makes high quality chargers and battery maintenance devices that generally support vehicles and professional use. Seeing a gap for a massive market involving boats, ATVs, snow mobiles, and more, CTEK has now launched the new CT5 POWERSPORT. For $78.99, this charger is designed to keep all your toys in ready-to-go condition, ensuring something simple like a dead battery doesn’t ruin your weekend. To sweeten the deal further, CTEK is offering 2 day shipping (+$20) on their site to make sure you get this in time for the holidays. It’s a perfect gift for someone who seems to have it all, or for anyone not wanting to gamble on a dead battery.

The 2.3A, 12V battery charger has three key charging & maintenance stages to maximize the power and lifetime of the battery. It uses advanced technology to constantly monitor the battery’s power and health then take action when required so your powersport vehicle is always ready to go when you are.

The CT5 POWERSPORT can be attached to the battery indefinitely, if required, without risk of over or undercharging so it’s the ideal choice for many powersport vehicles that are placed in out-of-season storage for long periods of time.

Intended for unsupervised use, the CT5 POWERSPORT charger is simple to connect, spark proof and reverse-polarity protected to protect the user and also the battery. Furthermore, there is no need to disconnect the battery before use as it regulates the voltage to protect any sensitive electrical equipment.

The CT5 POWERSPORT charger has three selectable charge programs:

  • NORMAL | Charge program for any powersport 12V lead-acid battery, including AGM
  • LITHIUM | Charge program for 12V lithium batteries (LiFePO4, Li-Fe, Li-iron, LFP)
  • RECOND | Charge program for reconditioning of deeply discharged batteries lead-acid batteries

CTEK made this product after requests from many customers to address the growing use of Lithium batteries within the powersport industry.  Delivering an affordable but high quality product (that comes with a 5 year warranty) is the perfect answer to hundreds of thousands of customers that could benefit from this.  You can purchase the CT5 Powersport directly through CTEK, through this non-affiliate link: https://smartercharger.com/collections/powersport/products/ctek-ct5-powersport

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