E.P. Light Nebula Bulb – Taking ambience to another level

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E.P. Light has been making custom accent bulbs for a few years now but their designs still feel fresh among a seemingly endless amount of accent lighting options on the market. The bulbs can be used in traditional sockets or with their add-on decorative bases which can run on battery for 20+ hours (charge cable included). The bulbs range from $29.95 for a single, $59 for a gift box, and up from there for multiple bulb package deals.

The E.P. Light we reviewed was the “Gift Box – Nebula Lamp” which I absolutely love because I’m obsessed with Sci-Fi and Space.  The lighting is soft enough to not strain your eyes if sitting next to a monitor.  It’s also good for a low-light ambience that doesn’t really illuminate a room more than, say, a movie theater light would.  It’s a gorgeous bulb that drums up a good conversation from anyone that notices it.

Even though this isn’t the least expensive decorative light on the market, these handcrafted bulbs are worth the money.  They feel solid (because they are) and are quite heavy because of it.  I’d love to expand on the collection once I find a better way to present them all.  If you’re looking for something awesome for yourself, or for a great gift idea, this has to be on your list.

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