EVEN – H3 Wireless Headphones launched

EVEN is a personal audio company with some great advancements in adaptive sound technology.  The new EarPrint H3s are an evolution of the H2s released last year.  The price is kept low, literally half the price of a Beats wireless headphone, but the tech is remarkable.  Unlike any other headphone, the EarPrint headphones come with a 2 minute hearing test/demo that tells it how well your ears hear certain frequencies.  It then tailors the sound for your exact ear profile, ensuring you have the best possible listening experience.

Whether you have a hearing disability or not, these $150 headphones are loaded with value.  Better than Beats in sound and quality, for half the price.  This isn’t a gimmick.  Browse Amazon or other sites that sell them and look at the customer reviews.  This is a legitimately good product that only continues to improve with each new generation release.  I have asked to review a sample and will be sure to post a thorough review if we’re lucky enough to cover them.  Until then, I would certainly consider them as your next headphone upgrade!

Here’s an excerpt from the official press release:


EVEN is expanding its portfolio of adaptive audio products with the EVEN H3 Headphones. The next generation headphones follow the successful flagship H2 model, released in 2017, and feature the patented EVEN EarPrint technology, which was named one of Popular Science’s Greatest Innovations of 2017 and continues to receive rave reviews from industry experts and consumers alike. EVEN headphones have global distribution, from the U.S. to the UK and Japan, with additional expansion set for 2018 and beyond, and its portfolio of products are available at www.weareeven.com and on Amazon.com.


EVEN EarPrint technology is essentially glasses for your ears. Everyone hears differently, and EVEN’s award-winning EarPrint technology allows users to create a personalized audio profile, which is a snapshot of an individual’s hearing profile based on perception of different frequencies in each ear. Then, EVEN’s headphones, or any product with the EarPrint technology built in, adjusts the way sound is delivered to each ear, creating a customized listening experience for every person.”


  1. You said, “The new EarPrint H3s are an evolution of the H2s released last year.” In what way are the new H3s an evolutionary step up from the H2s?

    • Hey Nick! So 3 things:
      1. There was a recurring issue with some H2s with “stuck buttons” that has been addressed and fixed.
      2. Black or Wood cup design.
      3. Added the ability to set your EarPrint through the app in addition to the Even button.
      It’s an awesome headphone at an unbeatable price.

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