Giving the Ultimate Gifts – Cars are in the top 15 categories?

In a digital age it’s no surprise that gift cards are the number one gift given for 2018.  They’re convenient and everyone finds use with them.  Then you have your typical assortment of categories like clothes, toys, tech, etc.  This biggest shock to me was number 15 on the list: Automotive.  I’m not in a position to be gifting someone a car, and I’m sure my wife would want to have a say in which vehicle she drives next.  I do know that she won’t complain if I gifted her a Lexus RX 350 F Sport though.  With a range broad enough to cover small luxury sedans like the IS, all the way to the big guns like the LS or LC, there’s a Lexus vehicle gift for everyone.

The new ES is the most modern and logical Lexus purchase you can make.  With great tech inside, tons of space, and great performance and fuel economy, it’s a wonderful car.  In fact, we’ll be reviewing one shortly.  I think it’s the most important vehicle in the Lexus lineup but we’ll get into that later.  If you’re feeling spicy, consider gifting a car like the RC or even the LC.  Both are wonderful coupes that can range from $40k to over $100k.  Lexus also has cross-overs, SUVs, and now CUVs with the new UX that just launched.

So if you’re looking for a uniquely special gift for that special someone, a Lexus is a pretty safe bet.  They’ve rightfully earned their reputation as the best built luxury cars on the road.  Now that F Sport trim levels have rejuvenated excitement in style and driving dynamics, I’m sure you’ll enjoy driving it too.  Keep visiting as we cover more Lexus vehicles in the future, and be sure to check out our coverage of prior Lexus vehicles!

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Our Picks:

Sedan: Lexus 2019 ES – Starting at $39,600 – Why?  Lexus finally brought modern tech and infotainment features that match German rivals.  In what is already the best selling Lexus sedan (for good reason), the car is even more compelling now.


Coupe: Lexus 2019 RC – Starting at $41,145 – Why? With a 241 hp turbo-4 base engine, a 311 hp V6 option, and a 467 hp V8 option, there’s literally a coupe for everyone.  It’s stylish and sexy, with drivetrains that work in all seasons throughout the US.  All-wheel-drive is available on the V6 option.  Who says you can’t enjoy driving throughout the year?

SUV: Lexus 2019 RX – Starting at $43,570 – Why?  It’s the best selling luxury SUV for a reason.  It’s the most reliable vehicle on the road for multiple years, has great utility, and signature Lexus styling.  The F Sport package makes the RX look at home in a futuristic Sci-Fi movie.  Have a big family?  They now have a long-wheelbase version called the RX-L with 3 rows.  Need something big but still friendly on fuel?  The hybrid version has you covered.



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