HELM True Wireless 5.0 Headphones Reviewed – What a surprise!

The HELM True Wireless 5.0 Headphones (ear buds) are in a sweet spot when it comes to sound quality and value. With an MSRP of $130, they are able to offer Bluetooth 5.0, aptX and AAC, good battery life, sound quality and comfort. If it was any cheaper you’d be missing out on what is necessary for a good pair of wireless earbuds in my opinion. With that being said, I absolutely love these headphones, and they are my favorite pair for every day activities and travel.

I found that not only are the specs and sound quality great, but the comfort and fitment was a pleasant surprise. They hold a seal to your ear incredibly well, even with high levels of activity, thanks to a smart design and choice of materials. Having a good seal is critical for ear buds/IEMs to work properly, and the ability of the True Wireless 5.0 headphones from HELM to maintain a strong seal no matter what I did took them from good to great. They are now my go-to ear bud regardless of price thanks to the complete package and everything they offer. Truly worth a strong consideration!

If this is the right set for you, you can purchase the HELM TWS 5.0 Headphones Here: https://amzn.to/31ZDWMy

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