Lexus RX 570 Reviewed

The Lexus LX 570 (see: Urban Assault Vehicle) is a beast of a machine.  There’s enough mass to equal two compact sedans, but with enough style and grace to reign it all in to one, boldly-stated machine.  This isn’t a cross-over, or any vehicle with sacrifices made.  No.  It’s the brazen statement by Lexus that they know how to make serious luxury machines, and with full terrain capability.


I said this in the video, but how do you compare vehicles to each other at this price point?  You can’t.  Once you approach $100k, each manufacture will start to show enough idealisms to go a completely different direction than the last.  That’s a good thing, because these cars have soul.  With the engine off, I climbed in, making a big step up as I hopped into the driver seat.  First impressions are typical.  “This is a big SUV from Lexus”.  Then you start the engine and hear the big 5.7L V8 come to life.  Thinking this is nothing like any other Lexus SUV, you embark on the road.  The next, and most apparent difference, is the shear mass of this thing.  The engine has no problem getting the SUV up to speed, and the brakes and steering are dialed in perfectly.  Yet somehow, you still feel how big it is.  It’s empowering to be honest.  Immediately filled with confidence, I feel like disaster can strike at any moment and I’m in the perfect vehicle.  Whether I want the kids to sleep in the back, climb a dirt path to go camping, or hit the movie theaters, this vehicle can do it.  It’s a bare-no-expense ride that oozes luxury and power.

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Creature Comforts

The seating is extremely comfortable and wide.  Two adults sitting up front (regardless of size) would be hard-pressed thinking they need more space.  It’s more than adequate.  The seats are bolstered well without being tight in any way.  The 2nd row has enough width for three adults to fit with ease, or two to fit with impeccable comfort.  The 2nd row center armrest folds down to present climate controls, the remote (for the large rear screens), and cup holders.  Additionally, the rear seats recline if you want to take your mind of things and nap while your driver takes you on your way.  There are two, power-folding, seats in what would be the third row.  Space is adequate, but don’t expect the same accommodations as the 3rd row.  If no one is sitting back there, a simple button press in the trunk folds the seats up and out of the way, one at a time.  This gives you flexible cargo arrangements depending on your needs, all without breaking a sweat.  The infotainment system is well laid out, with speakers abound, HDMI inputs for the rear screens, and a ridiculously wide front screen.  I found the sound quality to be excellent and with high power handling capabilities if you like it loud.

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Off Road Machine

The capability of this SUV is outstanding.  On the road, it can be a full-time luxury cruiser.  Heading off the road however, will reveal how much more the truck has to offer.  Press a single button to raise the air controlled ride height.  Enable crawl mode, with selectable speed, to maintain full control of your speed, while focusing on steering.  It has a center locking differential, suspension stiffness adjustment, and more.  Oh, and the seats are ventilated and heated (first and second row), so you’ll be comfortable while doing it.  The engine has over 400 lb-ft of torque, which is necessary, given that this weighs a tick over 6000 pounds.  Handling is surprisingly good thanks to a computer controlled suspension and sticky tires.  Overall it was very quiet unless you asked the engine to roar to life to get a move on.  Large brakes help stop this vehicle with ease, and with no noticeable heat fade, even in high speed mountainous roads.

Final thoughts:

How could you not like a $100k SUV that’s just as good off road as it is on road?  Sure the low-to-mid teen MPG rating isn’t ideal, and the sticker price suggests that most of us will never own one.  The ones you can afford a vehicle like this will be in love.  It truly is one of the very few vehicles that can hold its weight (no pun intended) off road, while being used as a daily driver on the road.  It gives you a sense of power and command over your life that no other vehicle has done for me before.  It’s an experience I will not forget, and something I will always miss.  Try one for yourself to see if you get the same vibe, but you won’t regret it!

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