LucidSound and Snoop Dogg Just Dropped a New Wireless XboxHeadset

You heard that right.  The artist known as the “D O double G” has teamed up with LucidSound to make a limited edition (3500 units) headset based on the upcoming LS50X.  The retail price is $299, which is a modest $50 increase over the base LS50X it’s based off of.

Although we haven’t reviewed the LS50X yet, the numbers look great. LucidSound has always provided excellent performance with regards to price, and I’d imagine the value is still there with the $300 Snoop Dogg variant. The $50 increase over the LS50X gets you a truly unique style (monochromatic white with a big Snoop Dogg script on top), and an official Certificate of Authenticity. It’s a great looking headset whether you like one of the OGs or not.

You can pre-order your new LucidSound Snoop Dogg wireless headphones at


  • Battery Life of 20 hours
  • Dual mics (both with background noise and echo cancellation, while the flexible boom mic is detachable)
  • 5 Eq Modes
    • Signature Sound
    • Bass Boost
    • Movie Mode
    • Music Mode
    • Flat EQ
  • 50mm drivers with 20-20,000 Hz frequency response
  • Works with Xbox One, next gen Xbox, and Mobile devices
  • USB-C charging and update support
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 408h/14.4oz weight

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