LucidSound LS10X Review – A Budget Leader (spoiler: It’s loud!)

LucidSound is may not carry the same weight as a brand name when compared to Turtle Beach or Astro, but I think it’s only a matter of time if they continue with models as good as the LS35X and the LS10X featured in this review.  The LS10X has an MSRP of only $59.99!  For any confused shopper, the LS10X and LS10P are the exact same headphone, with the “P” standing for Playstation (licensing only).  Outside of the letter change, they are the same headset.  I had fairly low expectations when covering these (only with regards to total performance, not value), but before we get into that, here’s how the LS10X fits in to the rest of the lineup.

LucidSound Xbox Lineup From Top-End to Entry-Level:

LS50X Snoop Dogg Edition – MSRP $299
LS50X – Black/Wireless w/Bluetooth – $249.99
LS35X (black or white with rose gold) – MSRP $179.99
LS25 Esports (black w/red)- MSRP $79.99
This Review: LS10X (black) – MSRP $59.99
LS1X (black) – MSRP $24.99

It’s good for more than one reason

There is a varying range of features people look for in gaming headsets in this price range. It’s usually a mix of sound performance, mic quality, style, and durability. with headphones in the lower price range, sacrifices need to be made.

The LS10X is special because I haven’t found any clear cut examples of cost cutting. The only apparent possible cost saver is the use of plastic for the entire assembly and PLU ear cups which are common for a lot of headsets even in the $100 price range.

I am happy to report however that the performance of the LS10X is excellent. The volume is loud and crisp with more than adequate bass. Some people would prefer more bass for music but as a gaming headset this is the sweat spot. It’s engaging enough to enjoy rich sound, with great clarity. Bass-rich headphones tend to be muddy sounding which can subdue foot steps or other key details in a game where hearing every noise counts.

I was actually surprised how good these headphones are, regardless of price. The cord is thin and a bit short but gets the job done. I used it for several months with no issues so far which is a good start. The PLU ear cups provide good noise isolation, and due to it being fairly light weight, they don’t get too hot from long gaming sessions. PLU has pros and cons but I like it for less expensive headsets because it gets the most out of the drivers inside the ear cups by isolating noise better than fabric would.

Closing thoughts

In the end this is an amazing headset for the money. I cannot believe how loud these get while maintaining excellent sound quality. The mic works exceptionally well also, which you can hear in our video review posted above. For $60, comparing a headset like this to something like the Turtle Beach XOs or Recon 200s, they are an exceptional value. The Turtle Beach XOs use fabric which breathe better at the sacrifice of audio quality. I have reviewed the LS1Xs, LS10X, and the LS35X and they have all been exceptional. LucidSound seems to have a good product mix for everyone, without making the model names too confusing which I greatly appreciate.

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