Netgear JGS524 Switch – All the ports without the fuss

Spending Money Where It Matters

Not everyone needs a managed switch with link aggregation, VLAN tagging, etc. Chances are many people have no idea what that even is. So why pay for those features? Meet the Netgear JGS524 24 port, rack mountable, switch. No extra bells and whistles, no fans, no setup. You plug it into the wall, mount it or set it down somewhere, and plug in as many Ethernet cables as you wish.

The rack mount ears can be flipped so you can mount it flat against the wall.  With a traditional ear mount, it can be installed on any standard size 19″ shallow depth rack.  There are no fans to worry about so the operation is completely silent.  You do however get status lights up front showing you which ports have a connection and their link speed (either 100 or full gigabit speeds).  There’s no proprietary power supply to worry about, and you get a lifetime warranty.  For around $150 and the quality of this switch, it’s a must have for a home that doesn’t require a smart or fully managed switch.

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