New EPOS Audio Bundle – H6PRO + GSX300 for $200!

For $200 US you get the $180 H6PRO headset AND an $80 GSX 300 DAC! It’s a great savings that gives you more options to use with an already stellar headset.You can get this bundle in either open or closed back (black only). I made a full video review on this to help you decide which one is right for you!

This is a seriously impressive headset when it comes to audio performance, comfort, mic quality, and build quality. The H6PRO is my benchmark gaming headset I test all other against, so it’s worth looking into!

The Open Acoustic and Closed Acoustic versions each have their own pros and cons, but both are excellent headsets. Thanks to the detachable mic, you can use this as high quality headphones as well, in case you ever want to take this on the go. I explain everything in great detail in our video below.

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