New SteelSeries Keyboard and Mouse bring high-end features for low-end price – Rival 110 and Apex 150

My favorite peripheral brand

I’ve grown to prefer SteelSeries over other brands for just about everything they make.  I’ve purchased peripherals from Logitech, Razer, and SteelSeries among other brands and they just seem to hit all the right notes.  My main rig currently uses the Rival 500 mouse and Apex M500 keyboard.  Once I tried them out and got used to the button layout of the Rival 500, it was hard to use anything else.  For those looking to have some of the same kick-ass features, build quality, aesthetics, and software, SteelSeries has launched a new lineup.  Meet the Apex 150 keyboard ($50!!!) and Rival 110 mouse($40!!!).  NOTE:  Both of these have RGB.  So for under $100 out the door, you have a full SteelSeries peripheral kit with RGB, the SteelSeries engine, and truly advanced hardware.  Check out the details below for each item to decide if this is the right one for you.

Unfortunately I am not able to review these units yet but if they share anything with the more expensive models, I think SteelSeries has a real hit on their hands.

SteelSeries Rival 110

The New Sensor Joins SteelSeries Innovative Optical Mouse Lineup, By Delivering True 1 to 1 Tracking, Found Only in SteelSeries Rival 310, Sensei 310, and now in the Rival 110

SteelSeries continues its quest to deliver true 1 to 1 tracking across its new gaming mouse line-up with the introduction of TrueMove1, an original sensor co-designed with Pixart and featured in the new Rival 110 gaming mouse. The TrueMove1 is as accurate as the TrueMove3 which is found in the Rival 310 and Sensei 310, but features a lower maximum in counts per inch (CPI) and inches per second (IPS).         

“We continue to innovate in sensor tracking technology with the expansion of our TrueMove line of sensors with the TrueMove1 in the Rival 110,” said Jason Christian, SteelSeries Category Manager for Mice & Keyboards. “This is the first time that gamers can experience true 1 to 1, esports tracking with a smaller form-factor and at a very welcoming price.”

The TrueMove1 Sensor = Competition-Ready

The TrueMove1 is a 7,200 CPI, 240 IPS original, optical sensor that SteelSeries built with sensor industry leader, PixArt. It combines advanced jitter reduction with an ultra-low signal to response latency, to provide true 1 to 1 tracking at esport CPIs. The sensor was created for professional-level gaming, giving gamers ultra-precise control.

Thanks to the exclusive collaboration with PixArt, the TrueMove1 is the first sensor of its kind, second in the TrueMove line and is only available in the Rival 110.

Rival 110

The Rival 110 is the newest member of the Rival line. The new Rival 110 provides an ergonomic six-button universal design, comfortable for all grip styles. All the mouse buttons, including the right and left click-feel are durable and offer a strong, consistent feel. It features on-board memory so gamers can save their settings directly to the mouse and a soft resistance-free rubber cable.

The durable texture on both sides of the Rival 110 provide maximum grip. It was built with lightweight and ultra-durable materials to reduce the weight of the mouse to 87.5g, allowing for fast and natural hand movement. The Rival 110 also features RGB illuminated on the scroll wheel and logo with incredible lighting options as well as settings customization through SteelSeries Engine.

SteelSeries Engine Software

On-board memory allows the user to save settings, so gamers don’t need to reconfigure their settings for the mouse on different computers. The mouse is also compatible with SteelSeries Engine Apps like Discord, PrismSync and GameSense lighting to provide synchronized lighting effects across SteelSeries devices and display reactive illumination responses to in-game events.

The Rival 110 exclusively featuring SteelSeries TrueMove1 Sensor is available now on SteelSeries website for $39.99.


SteelSeries Apex 150

The Apex 150 features SteelSeries’ new membrane switches, water resistance and five-zone RGB lighting
SteelSeries has announced the APEX 150 gaming keyboard, delivering durability and advanced features in an affordable package. The Apex 150 introduces SteelSeries’ new membrane switches that provide an ultra-fast and quiet key feel with guaranteed 20-million click and splash resistance. The keyboard also features RGB lighting in five zones which are fully programmable with SteelSeries Engine software and compatible with SteelSeries apps such as Discord, PrismSync and the Audio Visualizer.
The APEX 150 is available now at for $49.99.
More information:
The Apex 150 features fully-programmable keys with advanced anti-ghosting and 24-key rollover to deliver fast-paced, accurate gaming. The quick tension keys are designed for fast reaction times; the tension membrane’s design pulls the key into actuation, resulting in a tactile key feel and quiet operation. These switches are exclusive to SteelSeries.
SteelSeries Engine now features chat notifications in partnership with Discord. This feature, introduced with the Apex M750, allows real-time chat notifications from Discord to be synced to SteelSeries illuminated products. Streamers, gamers and esports players can light up the new Apex 150 with customizable notifications that indicate new messages, mute status and more.
In addition to Discord integration, SteelSeries Engine also includes other apps such as the Audio Visualizer, GameSense and PrismSync. The Audio Visualizer syncs the illumination on the Apex 150 (and all SteelSeries illuminated products) with any music or playlist of the user’s choice. GameSense lighting provides reactive illumination which responds to in-game events like low ammo, health, kills, money and cooldown timers. PrismSync dynamically syncs multi-color lighting effects between your Apex 150 and all your SteelSeries Prism-enabled gear.

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