NS Glasses – Bringing 3D to a Nintendo Switch Near You

NS Glasses, the world’s first headset specifically designed to magnify Nintendo Switch’s screen to a theater-like size for the best gaming experience, is now available on Indiegogo.

“With NS Glasses, gamers now have the opportunity to use low-end hardware like the Nintendo Switch to flawlessly fit into the world of 3D,” said NS Glasses Creator and Developer Edgar Eliseo, a hardware inventor, technology evolutionist and computer refinement engineer, notes that while virtual reality (VR) headsets have been around for quite long time, those headsets typically retail for more than $400 (USD).


“In researching ways to find the way to substitute the old and expensive market of Active VR, we replaced it with passive VR with out patent-pending Color Switching Technology, which we have incorporated into the NS Glasses – our first consumer-grade lens priced at only $50 exclusively for our crowdfunders on Indiegogo during this campaign,” Eliseo said.

NS Glasses features include:

  • A lens coated with Color Switching Technology tuned to receive a specific pattern of light that brings games to life, offering up to 18 percent 3D perspective that allow gamers to become immersed into the world of Passive 3D.
  • The magnification of Nintendo Switch’s screen to an unbelievable theater-like experience size for the best Gaming experience.
  • The lens third layer improves screen resolution by smoothing pixel count to make the impression of high resolution, improving graphics quality and readability.
  • An ergonomic enhancement design switch that fires vibrant sound directly to the user’s ears.
  • A secure and friendly ergonomic design and NS Glasses lock mechanism ensures that the switch stays in place during gameplay.
  • Access to all Switch’s Mission Control I/O, such as headphone jack, DC-IN, JoyCon Rails, volume and power buttons.
  • Accessible JoyCon Rail-Locks charges the JoyCons when the Switch is plugged.
  • A fan intake/outtake design that ensures proper cooling.
  • Comfort design with a comfortable, soft face-pad, allowing users to immerse themselves into their games for longer periods of time – with an adjustable headband that ensures everyone gets to play.

Also, the NS Glasses Headset Lens is set to a perfect distance between the users’ eyes and the console, which requires no adjustment between different users making it comfortable to the eyes for all users — and also means no worrying about motion sickness during gaming.

“NS Glasses are compatible with all current games, meaning developers no longer need to be bothered making games that are only compatible with high-end hardware,” Eliseo added. “And, with this product, gamers have an economical option to enjoy the world of 3D.”

For more information, or to purchase NS Glasses at an early-bird discount during crowdfunding, visit the NS Glasses campaign page on Indiegogo.

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