Review: Nixeus Earphones

Nixeus, a California based company, has a vast portfolio of new tech products hitting the market.  They make a gaming mechanical keyboard, computer monitors, cables, and headphones.  Although the product offering in each category is limited, there is a rather refreshing philosophy behind their products.  These products are for the average consumer, like you and I.  This means reasonable pricing without sacrificing quality in sound and durability.  Value does not mean cheap, and the Nixeus Earphones have just taken that statement to the next level.

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Price, price, price…

I really cannot stress this enough.  With a $40 MSRP (and a lower price at Amazon), this puts the headset in contention with value headphones from Sony, JVC, and Skullcandy.  Although these brands are highly recognizable, that does not guarantee quality.  Nixeus is making a statement by offering one of the very few headphones on the market with a limited lifetime warranty.  Yes you read that right.  Limited lifetime warranty with a very low sale price.  I put these up against the Turtle Beach M1s and the Nixeus headphones were so much better it was shocking.  I wondered how a brand like Turtle Beach, with all their resources, were outgunned in a mobile headset from a relative newcomer to the industry.  Add in the lifetime warranty, carrying case, and price and you can see what I was questioning what is right in the world.


Bells and Whistles

The earphones come with a few goodies inside.  You get a carrying case, 3 different size cups for your ear, and a microphone/headphone splitter for PC compatibility.  The cord is fairly short so don’t expect to plug this into a desktop on the floor.  The length (1.2 meters) is perfect for phones, tablets, and laptops however.  The 13mm Neodymium drivers provide excellent bass response with higher power handling than most earphones in this price range.  The left earphone features volume control with a microphone and push-to-talk button.   Overall the sound quality is excellent, and would be almost perfect with slightly brighter highs.  They stayed comfortable in my ears for extended use and have a stylish silver finish.


Closing Thoughts

I wanted to just write, “Buy Them” but I feel like we owe your more than that.  In all seriousness though, these earphones are an excellent value.  Sony has always provided great sound quality for cheap headphones so I was apprehensive about a new brand offering ones around the same price.  The build quality and power handling on the Nixeus Earphones are excellent.  Sony does not give you a carrying case, PC adapter, or lifetime warranty so for a comparable price I suggest picking these up for yourself.  If you want more proof, look at the comments on Amazon.  Customers love them and I’m going to join in and say I love them too.



Driver DiameterФ13mm
Sensitivity100±3dB S.P.L: 93db At 1KHz
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz
Rated Power1mW
Cable Length1.2m
Plug TypeФ3.5mm Stereo


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