Rollifit Smart Scale from Rollibot – Weighing In!

The Rollifit Smart Scale from Rollibot is an affordable, elegant looking scale that goes beyond weight tracking.  Smart sensors allow this scale to read BMI, water levels, bone mass, visceral fat and more, while also being concealed thanks to ITO-coated tempered glass. This keeps the clean look of a simple scale, while not taking away from accurate measurements. It’s also very easy to clean!

To get started, you’ll need to install the Rollifit app, which works on Android an iOS. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to create a profile by answering questions on height, sex, and age. This helps the app provide more accurate health recommendations based on each reading. You can create as many profiles as you like, and it’s pretty easy to switch back and forth. Once we passed the initial setup, the only remaining confusion came from timing the readings right within the app. Once your phone has been initially paired, have the app open, step on the scale, then “Tap to Connect” in the center of the screen. It will take a few seconds to read the data but it shows your weight in real time which helps confirm it’s connected to the scale while you wait. Once I understood the timing, it was extremely reliable and consistent. I didn’t have a failed data read once in my many readings over several days which is certainly a great start. Lastly, stepping on the scale multiple times in close succession produced identical results which is important when dealing with accurate readings.

Once the data has been imported, the information is presented in a very clean, easy to read (and understand) format. Clicking on any of the readings loads a new page that shows where you fall in range that also points out what a target health range is for that readout. They also explain what each readout number means, why it’s important to monitor, and what you can do to improve it. It’s a perfect balance of just enough information without too much information, and I found it very easy to use. If you don’t need any additional measurements, this scale can function as a traditional weight scale without requiring the app or smart phone to use. Simply step on the scale and get your measurement.

One of my favorite things about this scale is the looks. The ITO glass hiding all sensors should not be understated. This is a beautiful looking, premium feeling scale, especially when you consider the price of $39.99. It’s roughly double the cost of a simple weight-only/non-smart scale you would find at your local Walmart yet it looks so much better and offers so much more versatility. With that being said, if you want an affordable smart scale with a great design and app, the Rollifit is an awesome consideration!

If this is the right scale for you, you can purchase it here:

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