Sabrent 20,000 mah Power Bank Reviewed

Focusing on where it counts

The 20,000 mah Power Bank from Sabrent (model PB-Y20B) is a hit for all the right reasons. Honestly it’s my favorite battery back I own, and I’m up to about 10 power banks now. For one, they focused on features that matter most and kept the cost as reasonable as possible.

This power bank supports Quick Charge 3.0 and PD 3.0. It also features two USB-A ports, one USB-C (bi-directional power), and a Micro-USB. It can charge with the included, and short, Micro-USB cable. You can also charge it via USB-C which is highly recommended if you have a quick charger at home. Charging 20,000 mah takes a long time if you go the legacy charge route via Micro-USB.

Because this power bank is made of ABS plastic with a faux carbon fiber look, they were able to maintain a somewhat premium look while keeping the price to only $59.99. I think if they had included a USB-C cable as well for $5 more it would still be a value leader. The only real competitors I found that were cheaper either dropped one USB-A port, or sacrificed the Quick Charge 3.0 capability. For a power bank of this capacity, sacrificing either of those features is a no-no.

Typically, you’ll want to charge this battery in 3 hours or less. That’s where Quick Charge 3.0 support comes in. Having multiple USB ports also allows you to charge things like a phone, laptop (PD 3.0 USB-C compliant) and headphones all at once. If I am spending $60 on a battery, I want it to be as versatile as possible so I am glad Sabrent provides that capability.

I think Sabrent really crushed it with this one. It’s built extremely well. The charge indicator is easy to read, and the ports are solid even with some abuse and a varying array of cables. The port flexibility coupled with a reasonable price tag makes this one of the best considerations in this price range and capacity. To purchase your own, visit the Sabrent website:

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