Ubisoft’s “The Division” Movie looks to be happening, with Jake Gyllenhaal

After watching Nightcrawler, I’ve come to fully appreciate Jake Gyllenhaal’s abilities as an actor.  To say he’s a bad fit for any movie would be a shame because he seems to adapt to his role so well.  That aside, it’s time to get excited for yet another movie adaptation coming from a blockbuster game.  This summer we have Warcraft the movie.  Sometime in the future, we will now have “The Division” the movie, or whatever it will be called.  Additionally, Jake has been tagged as a Producer to the film, with a screen writer still in the works.  This is all according to an exclusive from Variety.com.


This is all very early in the development stages, and was only leaked earlier today.  Don’t expect much with regards to details, photos, or any trailer of any kind.  Right now this a pipe dream that many FPS gamers would hope stays green lit long enough to see its way to the big screen.

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