Vincent Audio PHO-300 Phono Preamp Brings Audiophile-Grade Components to the Masses

Vincent Audio continues to bring audiophile-grade audio equipment down to more affordable pricing, allowing more people to enjoy an amazing listening experience without spending more than they hope.  The new PHO-300 Phono Preamp is no different, coming in at $349.95 (US).

The PHO-300 preamp has more in common with their higher end models (PHO-500 and PHO-701) than you’d expect. Featuring a power supply in a completely separate housing, electromagnetic fields are isolated from the preamp and outside interference. This aids with providing a class-leading listening experience in this price range. The detached power supply also helps with power regulation which eliminates ripples and interference.

The PHO-300 preamp also supports both MM (Moving Magnet) and MC (Moving Coil) operation, giving you great flexibility should you ever change our upgrade your turntable. Boasting a signal-to-noise ration of 84 dB and 71 dB, respectively, audio is picked up and sent to your preamp with total harmonic distortion less then 0.05%.

The idea of a phono preamp is to assist with providing you the best sound quality source you can get from a turntable by sending a clean signal to your integrated amp, receiver, or even powered speakers. When you add the signature stunning looks of the Vincent Audio product line (including the 10mm thick front aluminum panels), you will have a system that looks as good as it sounds (available in black or silver). If you are a vinyl enthusiast and want the best experience you can have without breaking the bank, you would be wise to consider the PHO-300. If this all sounds good and you want even more, look into the PHO-500 and PHO-701 as well.

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