XGIMI Launches Horizon and Horizon Pro Projectors – Purchase links live!

XGIMI released Pre-Sales links today! The Horizon is listed at $1099 and the Horizon Pro at $1699. Here’s the link if you want to be one of the first with this projector:


I’m a big fan of projectors as they offer a large scale cinema-like experience at home. The problem with many projector offerings is that sacrifices have to be made unless you don’t have a strict budget. For those of us looking for a premium home theater experience with some fiscal responsibility, XGIMI launched two new models today called the Horizon ($1099) and Horizon Pro ($1699). The biggest difference between the two models is whether you want 4K or not, with the Pro model having this capability. The Horizon Pro has some slick features to go with the 4K capability, including but not limited to:

  • 40 to 300″ image size
  • HDR 10
  • 2200 ANSI Lumens
  • Android TV 10 OS
  • Automatic Keystone (vertical and horizontal)
  • Harman/Kardon 8w+8w stereo speakers built in

Even though the Horizon model is a 1080p variant (with 2000 lumens), it still has some features that makes the Horizon Pro great, including automatic keystone correction, Android TV, a 120 Hz motion scaler, and incredible sounding Bluetooth-enabled speakers thanks to a partnership with Harman/Kardon. Perhaps one of my favorite things about these projectors is the bulb lifespan rating, which is an astonishing 30,000 hours or nearly 10 years of average use thanks to LED technology. That’s extremely uncommon for a projector of this size, price, and feature set.

Speaking of size, the dimensions are only 8.2 x 8.6 x 5.4″ for the Pro model, with the standard Horizon projector only slightly smaller. For those new to projectors, the normal width is closer to 15″ for ones that support 4k with this kind of brightness. The unique shape and size of the Horizon projectors still support traditional mounting methods, but they have a much smaller footprint when placed on a table or small tripod.

The last feature (for now) I want to bring attention to is the Android TV OS interface found on both projectors. This gives you incredible flexibility with native app support for streaming movies or music, and more. Having it all built in means you do not have to deal with external streaming sticks or boxes, which also requires a second power cord and remote. The convenience of having good picture, sound, and apps, neatly packaged up in a great looking box like the Horizon and Horizon Pro simplifies your setup while allowing you to enjoy spending your time where it matters most.

I’m pretty excited to see these projectors come to market as it will shake things up a bit in the mid-price smart projector segment. More information will be available soon on these new projectors, but if this sounds like the right product for you, fill out this short quiz to receive a $100 off coupon that can be put towards either model when they officially release in May!


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