Zyxel Nebula Cloud Series vs Ubiquiti UniFi – Volume 1: Unboxing

Welcome to Volume 1!

There is so much content to compare behind both networking products that we will first defer to our video.  Our second video series will have a more detailed write-up, as it will include wireless performance comparisons and lots of goodies on features, capabilities, shortcomings, etc.

What we are and will be comparing throughout the series:

Zyxel Nebula Product OfferingUbiquiti UniFi Product Offering
NSW100-28P 28 Port-Switch with PoE ($385)US-24-500W 24-Port with PoE  ($545)
2x NAP203 Wireless Access Point ($320 total)2x AC Pro Wireless Access Point ($350 total)
NSG100 VPN IDP Gateway ($400)USG Security Gateway ($139)
UniFi Cloud Key (Management) ($106)
Total: $1105Total: $1140

As you can see, the price points work out very similar in the end.  The UniFi switch is much more expensive than the Nebula, but the Nebula NSG100 Gateway is significantly more expensive than the UniFi USG.  Overall I think this is a fair assessment.  Both companies offer products that are more and less expensive than this, so be sure to purchase what you need for your environment.  We’ll cover this part more at the end of the series.

Check out the unboxing below and stay tuned for Volume 2!


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