Bongmi Introduces World’s Most Accurate Smart Fertility Thermometer – Femometer

Included App Syncs to Smartphone, Tracks/Predicts a Woman’s Menstrual Cycle and Alerts Users to Natural Changes in Their Body


For any woman that wants to better understand her body and cycle, there is a now a new way to take control of her reproductive health – Femometer.  The world’s most accurate smart fertility thermometer, Femometer is for every woman, whether they are tracking their period, timing their cycle to prevent pregnancy, or getting ready to start a family.  Femometer will be available in March 2016, and consumers can pre-order the product (starting prices at only $39USD), on Indiegogo at


Femometer is small, sleek, lightweight and discreet – making it easy for women to use whenever and wherever. Femometer is an intelligent Basal Body Temperature (BBT) thermometer that syncs to a users’ Smartphone via the Femometer app for both Android and iOS, tracks and predicts their cycle, and alerts them to important natural changes in their body.  It is available in purple, pink, white or light blue.


Developed by a man whose wife personally experienced the challenges of conceiving, Femometer was born out of trying to find a better way to get pregnant, to take the guesswork out of family planning and to monitor pregnancies more closely.  Yet through research, the company has found it has also proven to be just as useful to women who want to monitor their body’s monthly cycles for a variety of health reasons. Using sophisticated data technology, Femometer tracks a woman’s cycle, and based on basal temperature readings, predicts ovulation – the “fertile window” – when pregnancy is most likely to occur, something all women want to know whether they are looking to start a family or not.


The Femometer app displays the users’ personal data clearly with color-coded charts indicating where they are in their cycle. Women can also securely share their information directly with their partner or doctor right from the app.  After 30 days of consistent use (1 cycle of data), Femometer will learn about a body’s patterns. If the user forgets to take their temperature one day, the machine learning algorithm can predict their temperature based on previous readings. Femometer’s data tracking algorithms will learn to detect and adjust for even the smallest fluctuations in a woman’s fertility cycle, ensuring more accurate readings.


By making women aware of changes in their temperature, Femometer helps women know when they can get pregnant, flags temperature spikes when a woman might be pregnant, alerts her to any irregularities during pregnancy and simply helps women – no matter what her situation – keep tabs on her reproductive cycle, arming her with all the information she needs to make smart decisions.


“Having a baby and growing your family should be a time of joy and celebration, not one of stress, worry and anxiety. Femometer decodes what your body is doing at any time during your cycle so you are educated about the best time to try to conceive,” said Adam Lou, co-founder & CEO, Bongmi.  “For women that aren’t looking to get pregnant, Femometer helps them understand their reproductive health so they can make more informed choices and decisions. Our goal is to empower every woman at every stage of her lifecycle with the knowledge and data she needs to live a healthier, happier life.”


How it works:

  • Femometer captures a woman’s precise basal temperature right after they wake up from deep sleep, when their body temperature is at its lowest.
  • Like a traditional thermometer, users leave the Femometer in their mouth under their tongue for one minute while it takes their temperature.
  • It automatically transmits the data to your smartphone via Bluetooth, recording and analyzing their information, so they don’t have to worry about tracking their data.
  • Using a smart algorithm, the app predicts an ovulation date and tells them the likelihood of getting pregnant on any given day.
  • Users do not need to take their temperature at the exact same time every day – Femometer will continue to make accurate predictions by detecting the average temperature at that time based on past readings.
  • Whether the users’s app is open or not, every reading is captured and stored securely in the cloud. The app will sync up to 100 days of data when it opens again.

About Bongmi

Bongmi is empowering women to understand their bodies better and make more informed decisions. The company is building products that use data and technology to improve women’s health, and let women learn about and understand their bodies better. The company’s first product is Femometer: the world’s first smart fertility thermometer. Used alongside its companion smartphone app, Femometer monitors your temperature, analyzes your data and predicts ovulation cycles. Whether you’re ready to start a family, are tracking your data in order to prevent pregnancy or are currently pregnant and want to monitor your health, Femometer can help you understand your cycle and your body better. Learn more at

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  1. waste of $40. i bought one on Amazon in October. it worked fine until last week it quit recording my temps into the app. i have a full and brand new battery.  it beeps when it comes on still. Since it is not digital it is useless since it will not record to the app. I tried several days thinking maybe wifi issue caused it and it is still not working. Now I’ve got to start all over.  I’m not a happy person.  I also can’t return to Amazon because it stopoed working 3 days after the return dead line.

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