Congress Votes to Repeal Internet Privacy Rules – Please Watch this Video

In an effort to… Damn, we have no idea what they’re really trying to accomplish here.  Thank lobbyism and payroll politicians who don’t care about the repercussions of allowing ISPs to sell our internet browsing data to whoever they please.  Not enough voices are standing up against it this time, so I think it’s actually going to pass.  For some reason the likes of Google and Facebook are quiet, which is a very different tone from the past.  If only more politicians were as vocal, and aware as this…

So what can you do?  Start researching VPN providers.  There are a ton of good ones out there.  I’ve used for years and they’ve been great.  It’s always good to encrypt your traffic, especially when traveling and using different wireless access points.  This post is short, but please use this as a launching point to research what’s really going on via Google, Reddit, or whatever else you use.  Expect more on this to follow.

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