Simgot EA500 IEM Review – So Much Detail!

The Simgot EA500 IEM is one of the best resolving IEMs I’ve listened to under $100. With a well-tuned single dynamic driver and swappable nozzles, this could be one of the best options in this price range!

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Source Gear Mentioned:
Truthar SHIO –
Qudelix 5k –
xDuoo XP2-Bal:

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  1. Hi,
    I have been watching so much of your videos on youtube. I was looking to switch from headphones to IEM’s but not sure which one to go with. Unfortunately i do not have a pc to play around with the EQ to make it sound better so whatever i buy had to be straight out the box. I was wondering which IEM’s would you recommend for warzone on ps5? My options were leaning to either the Kimura Duo, Simgot EA500 or the Truthear x Crinacle Zero as i do not have a huge budget.
    Thank you

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