be quiet! Confirms Full Support For Intel’s New LGA 1200 Socket

Remain Cool

Intel’s new LGA 1200 socket may have a different pin layout, but physically it remains the same. Although you could speculate that a CPU cooler may or may not work, it’s always nice to get confirmation from the manufacturer.

That’s what be quiet! did today. Every CPU cooler they make, with the exception of the Dark Rock Pro TR4 (exclusively designed for AMD’s Thread Ripper behemoth), will work. To provide even more clarity, here is the full list of compatible CPU coolers:

You do not need to purchase any additional hardware to make these work with Intel’s new LGA 1200 socket. If you already own one of these coolers, you are good to go!

Lastly, be quiet! makes some amazing CPU coolers in general. Not only is it nice to know it will work, but it’s important to know it will work well. The be quiet! lineup is aesthetically pleasing, generally provide great thermals and low noise, all in affordable price points considering their size and thermal capabilities.

be quet! CPU coolers are available at many online retailers including NewEgg and Amazon.

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