KontrolFreek Battle Royale and Black Ops 4 Thumbsticks, now with Grips!

KontrolFreek still hold the number 1 status as the best investment I’ve ever made into gaming.  It’s also important to mention that it’s one of the least expensive gaming investments I’ve made ($15!!).  In a nutshell, Thumbsticks from KontrolFreek allows you to dial up sensitivity without hurting your ability to wreck long distance enemies.  You get a large increase in motion with less force needed to move the thumbsticks which translates to less fatigue and more game time.  All in all, increasing your K/D while getting to play longer sounds like a win to me.  Check the video out below for more details on the new Battle Royale and Black Ops 4 thumbsticks.

The Grips have been out for a couple years now but I only recently covered them.  I’m now kicking myself for not picking up a set of these sooner.  It’s like upgrading your Camry to a Lexus.  The controller feels more solid and more comfortable to hold.  The anti-sweat tech is great, but even before it gets to that point it feels amazing.  The only downside I can foresee is playing on a “normal” controller that isn’t kitted out with KontrolFreek merch.  I’ve been a KontrolFreek fan for years, and there’s no turning back now.  Get yourself a set to try out and you’ll feel the same.

Combined, you have an awesome gift package for about $30 when you include a pair of thumbsticks and the grips of your choice.  If you spend $35 or more, you also get free shipping.


To understand how the increased range helps, here’s an official video from KontrolFreek explaining the science behind it all.

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