Netatmo Presence Announced – Smart Outdoor Security Camera with Light

Press Release 11-2-2016: Netatmo, a revolutionary smart home company developing ground-breaking, intuitive and beautifully-designed connected consumer electronics, announces that Presence, the outdoor security camera, is now available at a retail price of $299.99. With its breakthrough deep-learning algorithm, Presence detects and reports on people, cars and animals that are outside one’s home.


Placed outside the house, Presence can in real time detect if someone is loitering around a home, if a car enters the driveway, or if a pet wanders into the yard. It understands what it sees and notifies the user when something new is detected in the monitored area.

  • The outdoor security camera has smart, powerful features:
  • The notifications and recordings are customizable
  • The integrated floodlight lights up at night. The infrared LED lights allow discreet watching
  • The camera is compatible with IFTTT
  • The video storage is free


Presence does outdoor security better

Presence’s breakthrough deep-learning algorithm is designed specifically to detect the presence of people, cars and animals. The camera allows the user to know instantly what is happening outside their home and informs them with smart notifications: “Person seen,” “Car seen” or “Animal seen”.

 The algorithm’s ability to detect and distinguish between different images helps the user feel safe in case of a threat of criminal activity in the neighborhood. It alerts the user if something is wrong at a holiday home, or warns when a package is delivered and there is no one to receive it. 

Presence marks a new step forward for consumer security cameras. Unlike existing surveillance systems that need human analysis, Presence understands what’s happening outside the house and operates without requiring a subscription. The camera instantly detects unusual situations and sends precise notifications to the users’ smartphone. Presence offers peace of mind to the users: it alerts them in real time if there’s a break-in, an intruder, or property damage”, explains Fred Potter, Founder and CEO of Netatmo.


Presence, to be notified about what matters

Presence’s notifications and recordings are entirely customizable. The user decides whether to be notified or to record when Presence detects a person, a car or an animal, so that it alerts only when necessary.

Presence features the Alert-Zones function, which enables the user to select specific zones for detection alerts and to send detailed notifications: around a yard, property gate, garage door, or other areas determined by the user. Users can define up to four Alert-Zones.

The Time-Lapse feature collates the last 24 hours filmed by the camera in a single minute. Time-Lapse makes a short movie with pictures taken by Presence each minute. The user views an accelerated sequence of the last 24 hours and quickly knows what happened outside their home, garage or in a yard.


Presence protects day and night

At night, discreet watching and recording is possible with Presence’s powerful infra-red night vision.  It also features an integrated smart floodlight that can detect and scare off any unwanted visitors or light the way when it’s dark. In addition, it can be manually switched on with the App.


Presence is compatible with IFTTT

Presence is compatible with IFTTT, a platform that allows you to connect hundreds of services together. With IFTTT, the user connects data from their Netatmo Security App – that controls Presence – with other devices, apps, and services.

They can then use simple “if this, then that” statements called Recipes to automate and control different aspects of their connected home. For example, an IFTTT user could say “if Presence detects a car in my driveway, then open my connected garage door.” Other practical Recipes include, “If Presence detects an animal in the garden, then turn off the sprinkler,” and “if Presence is disconnected from WiFi, send me a notification.”


Data storage to meet everyone’s needs

Presence stores videos locally on an internal micro SD card. The user can also choose to transfer them to their Dropbox account or their personal FTP server. 

Videos filmed by Presence can automatically be saved on the user’s Dropbox account. Accessing the Netatmo Security App, the user chooses different settings to automatically record their videos on Dropbox: the detection of a person, a car or an animal.

From both their Welcome and Dropbox Apps, they can check recordings from anywhere, even if the camera is unplugged.

Storage is entirely free and does not incur any additional subscription or fee. Data transmission from the camera to the user’s smartphone is secured by end-to-end bank-level encryption, to guarantee the highest level of protection.


Effortless DIY installation and powerful connection

Presence’s DIY installation is straightforward: the camera just replaces an existing outdoor light. Presence connects through Wi-Fi to the home’s internet.

The app is accessible from a smartphone, a tablet, a PC/Mac or an Apple Watch. Through the dashboard, the user streams live video of what’s happening around the house. The timeline screen lists past events and allows the user to review past videos.

With the iOS 10 update, Presence shows on the user’s iPhone main screen a screenshot of each event. The user doesn’t need to unlock their phone or open their Netatmo Security App to know what’s happening outside their house.


Presence, an impressive outdoor camera with a sleek design

Presence is a Full HD outdoor camera capturing stunning images under any light conditions. Its extensive 100° field of view and unprecedented 20-meter detection range provide exceptional coverage.

Presence is completely weatherproof, resisting sun, ice, rain and wind. It features a beautiful sleek and minimalist design with an aluminium body for outstanding strength and durability.

Technical specifications

  • Deep-learning algorithm to detect people, cars and animals
  • Integrated smart floodlight
  • Stunning 1080p Full HD videos
  • Extensive 100° field of view
  • Long range detection up to 20m/65ft
  • 4MP CMOS sensor
  • Pinch-to-zoom into the video to see every detail
  • Integrated microphone
  • Powerful infra-red night vision
  • Local micro SD card included with a possible video back up through Dropbox and personal FTP
  • End-to-end bank-level encryption
  • Easy DIY setup: replace an existing outdoor light
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Fully weatherproof


Availability and compatibility

 Presence is now available at Home Depot, Apple and It retails for $299.99.

 Netatmo Security App is entirely free. It is compatible with iPhones featuring iOS9, Android 4.3 and above.

 The Netatmo Security App controls Presence; Welcome, the indoor security camera with face recognition; and Tags, the waterproof security sensors for doors and windows.

 Presence web-App is also available on PC and Mac.

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