Turtle Beach Releases Mobile Gaming Controller Called Atom

Turtle Beach has been on a roll with new releases lately, and the latest product to hit the market is catered towards mobile gaming. Available in black with yellow accents, black with blue accents or all red, the Atom Controller allows you to have full sized physical controls on your Android phone.

The Atom retails for $99.99 and uses Bluetooth for pairing to your phone. The left and right controllers talk to each other via a close-range 2.4 GHz wireless signal to minimize latency. Each side also has their own battery, providing up to 20 hours of non-stop gaming on a single charge. Using the USB-C port (and included USB-C cable), you can fully charge them in approximately 2.5 hours.

The design itself is great for two reasons. For one, the full size layout is familiar to console gamers. The Atom offers a joystick on each side, triggers, bumpers, a D-pad, and ABXY buttons. It should be relatively easy to pick up and play. To further close the gap for console gamers, the Atom includes one month of Game Pass Ultimate. Game Pass Ultimate is a cloud gaming service from Microsoft, bringing hundreds of games to your phone thanks to their Xbox streaming service. The Atom also supports other cloud gaming services as well, including GeForce Now, Stadia (RIP!), and more.

The second reason I like the design is for when your not using the Atom. Think of the Atom as a Yin and Yang style design. When you remove your phone, simply flip one side upside down and both sides lock into each other. This allows for a smaller, robust storing option that fits in the included carrying pouch. This is a great quality of life design, and something that will certainly come in handy whenever you pack it up for the day.

Overall it looks like a solid option for mobile gamers out there. The price is right considering the feature set and how well their prior controllers have been doing when factoring in button quality and joystick performance. When I tested their Recon controllers, they had zero stick drift and more accurate full axis input than several official Xbox controllers I also measured. Take a look at their site to learn more! At the time of this writing, the Atom is selling for $99.99 in all three color options.


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