Halo 4 Big Team Battle Gameplay

After a discussion I was having with some peers, I decided to revisit Halo 4 and its multiplayer goodness.  I hadn’t played in a long time due to the mediocre playlists that stuck for a while after the launch.  I missed Team Snipers, Swat, and my personal favorite, Team Doubles.  I am happy to say that those playlists are back but is it too little too late?  I see many more people on Black Ops than Halo 4 even though it had potential to be a game changer.  Could something as simple as poor playlist choices for the multiplayer mode ruin the game’s replay factor?  To me, yes.  I stopped playing for months.  After playing some Big Team Battle for a while, I feel as though I’ve been missing out.  Check out the video below of some of the game dynamics and let me know what you think.

Could 343 Industries have done something more to make Halo 4 become the juggernaut the franchise once was?

[youtube id=”OgvtTKSm_KM” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

Your thoughts?

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