HOT Watch Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal in Its First 30 Hours

After unveiling the ground breaking new Smart-watch entitled HOT Watch on the popular crowd funding site Kickstarter earlier yesterday, Plano, TX based PH Technical Labs announces that it has reached its minimum funding goal and that current and subsequent backers will be among the first to receive shipments of the product. The Kickstarter Campaign will continue through September 7, 2013.

HOT Watch Photo for releases

HOT Watch (an acronym for “Hands On Talk”) is the first Smart-watch that enables users to make and receive private phone calls by simply raising the watch-hand palm to the user’s ear. HOT Watch is also the first to include an advanced touch screen, gestures and call and message functionality in a stylish, slim package. HOT Watch works with all Smartphones that are Bluetooth compatible, (Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and normal Bluetooth mode for power saving) but complete features are currently available with Android and iPhone Smartphones. It is the complete Smart-watch solution boasting a multitude of popular features, functionality, convenience, long battery life, safety and style. “We are excited about reaching our initial Kickstarter goal,” states PH Technical Labs President Shariq Hamid, “but we are even more excited about seeing our vision come to life and what’s in store for the future of HOT Watch.”

HOT Watch is a huge step forward towards a more effortless communication experience. Models currently available include: Classic, Edge, Curve and Basic. Consumers wanting to be among the first to receive the product can do so by becoming a HOT Watch backer on Kickstarter at:

A full demonstration of HOT Watch is available on the Kickstarter site as well via its website and social networking sites:

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  1. Yeah, I have seen this. It’s a pretty nice project overall. Would like to see it once they’ve put some more polish into it.

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