ShaveTech USB Electric Razor- Travel light, Look Good


Let’s face it.  The majority of us have to deal with shaving on at least a weekly basis.  It’s a pretty boring market dominated by Gillette, Norelco, and Braun.  Nothing really new has happened in this industry with the exception of new commercials and models numbers.  It’s just the typical new blade that comes out with a more lofty price, leaving you behind with your lackluster Fusion blade.  Not all hope is lost though.  Some companies are still trying to innovate and offer new products at a reasonable price.  ShaveTech is going into the market with an extremely affordable, and finally, cool product for grooming accessories.


Why Shaving is Cool Again

The ShaveTech personal shaver has a lot of things going for it.  My personal favorite is the price.  At Only $29.99, it’s worth giving it a shot.  The second and equally important feature is the form factor.  This isn’t a bulky and boring shaver.  It’s something that fits in your pocket or travel bag that can go anywhere with you.  What I like is that they’re not trying to replace your standard blade or high end shaver.  Instead, this is intended for a smart traveler looking for a great way to stay groomed without lugging all the extra items around.  It actually has great looks (and packaging) to back it up too.



It’s small, it’s light, and it charges via USB.  Not only does this eliminate the need for an external charge or AA batteries, but it’s also compatible with nearly everything.  USB has an international standard of 5 volts.  You can plug this in to your computer, a phone charger, or anything with a USB port.  The blade guard is removable for cleanings and blade replacement.  Included in the box is the ShaveTech Razor, a soft travel pouch, a brush for cleaning, and some instructions.  The unit itself has a protective cap for when you’re not using it.  All in all this thing measures smaller than the dimensions of a dollar bill (both length and width).



I’m tough on electric razors.  I usually can’t stand them because my beard is so thick they usually jam up and pull hair out rather than provide a clean shave.  Needless to say I was apprehensive about trying out another electric shaver, especially one at such a low price.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I left it to charge overnight (per the instructions) and proceeded to groom a 3 day old beard.  Though it’s recommended to go against the direction of your hair growth, I circled around a bit to make sure I had a smooth, pain-free cut.  It worked extremely well.  It rarely lost speed during the thickest moments (usually by the chin) and I pushed it for 15 minutes straight with no sign of it slowing down.  It has a 50% catch for what it cuts, meaning your sink and hands aren’t covered in hair.  A couple times throughout the shave, I removed the top cover to shake out the hair into the trash.  I then proceeded to finish the shave.  The neck area is always a little more challenging than cheeks so use caution if you have sensitive skin, just like any other electric razor.



This isn’t designed to take care of your 2 week old beard (at least not mine anyway).  It’s designed to keep you groomed on those short business trips or a week away with the family.  At this price you can’t afford not to try it. This makes an amazing gift because anyone could benefit by having a complimentary portable shaver.  With this being said, it get’s our stamp of approval.  Check out the ShaveTech site to purchase one or comment below if you have questions!



  • Charge time:  10-12 hours initially, then 4 hour charge = 30 minute shave time
  • Charge method: USB port (built-in adapter)
  • Battery Life:  Approximately 300 charge cycles
  • Blade Life: 30-45 hours of Shaving (Replaceable)
  • Waterproof?:  No.  Dry cleaning/shaving only.
  • ROHS Compliant:  Yes.  (no dangerous substances)
  • Warranty:  1 Year
  • Price:  $29.99

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