New Smart Watch Tailored for the Elderly

This is kind of a big deal…

I’ll start off by saying that news of this new watch instantly caught my attention.  Almost 3 years ago to this day, I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s.  Fast-forward to present time and my Grandfather, the same one who lost his darling wife three years ago, is now battling the same horrible disease.  We’re worried about his well being and cannot be there every moment to watch over him.  Just this this past week I was just discussing with my family on what we can do for him, along with the worry and stress my mother has over his well being.

Meet the new SmartCare watch.  It’s a watch that has been designed specifically for the elderly, with the intent to help those who care for that same person.  One key feature that made me excited about it included smart zones, which notify you with the exact location of your loved one and if they left the area.  The watch can also detect abnormal movement in the event that he or she were to fall down or not move for a long period of time.  You can send messages to the watch remotely, and track daily activities such as food consumption and pill usage.  It also has an SOS feature that can be used to page all within the “Circle of Care” in case of an emergency.  This circle of care includes family members, doctors, etc.  It’s a industrial looking water-resistant watch that with basic features such as SOS and paging can drastically reduce the worry about loved ones while you’re away from them.  The watch is currently at Indigogo and can be purchased for $250 with a $30 monthly subscription fee.  While I agree that the fee may be a little high, this is still much cheaper than any other alternative for monitoring your loved one at home and away.  The battery is said to last approximately 4 days on a single charge, .  Once we get our hands on one we will be sure to share our experience to help you make the right decision.

SmartCare Watch

From the manufacturer:

Treata Smart Solutions, a leading brand in smart technology for the elderly and their caregivers, today introduced the SmartCare Watch. The SmartCare Watch is a water resistant, smart watch that provides caregivers with updates about their loved ones’ well-being through an app that is compatible with iOS or Android devices. Providing up to four days of usage, the SmartCare Watch notifies caregivers when battery life is low, sending texts and email alerts whenever necessary.

 SmartCare Watch Features:

  • Designated Safe Zones provide caregivers with a senior’s exact location and notifies them if they have left the area
  • Family members and caregivers can communicate and coordinate activities through the Circle of Care messaging platform
  • Watch detects abnormal movement through the Fall Detector feature, as well as a prolonged absence of movement, notifying the Circle of Care to take immediate action
  • S.O.S button alerts a senior’s Circle of Care in case of an emergency
  • SmartCare Tags track daily activities to ensure optimal health including pill usage and food consumption
  • SmartCare Tags can also be easily attached to personal belongings to ensure the senior has all of their necessities when they leave home

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