Xbox Expands Headset Line to Affordable Wired Version – Reviewed!

We released an in-depth video review of the wireless headset version in the past. For $100, the Microsoft Wireless Headset offers a boatload of goodness. It is built extremely well, had many great features, and solid comfort. It lacked a bit in the audio department mainly due to a copious amount of bass, and not in a good way. The excess bass added more mud than an old Woodstock concert. Thankfully, the Xbox Accessories app allowed you to tune most of it out which greatly improved the sound and overall value.

Today we discuss the Xbox Wired Headset, the $59.99 counterpart to the wireless model. Physically, it looks and feels nearly identical to the wireless model. It weighs slightly less due to not having electronics inside, and lacks extra buttons and charge ports of course. The aux connection is a great because the official Xbox Stereo Headset works on any 3.5mm TRRS port (a single headphone jack that supports sound and mic).

The one drawback to the wired model is the lack of DSP (digital signal processor) inside. This renders the Xbox Accessory app useless on this model, leaving you stuck with the default sound signature, which again is bass heavy. If you like bass at the expense of some clarity, this headset is still a great value. It’s extremely well made and supports a large variety of head sizes. If you want to dial in the sound more, the Dolby Atmos app can be purchased for a small fee which exposes a software-based Graphical Equalizer. This allows you to fine tune the sound and take advantage of games with Dolby Atmos processing built in.

Overall it’s a solid model once you know what to expect. Check out our in depth video to learn everything you need to know about it!

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