ROCCAT Torch Mic Review – Some Surprising Features!

The ROCCAT Torch microphone proves to be a valuable tool for those looking to become streamers without having to spend too much money. The sound quality, real-world streaming performance, and ease of use, makes this a new worthy contender at the $100 price point.

The video showcases this microphone’s performance best, as words cannot demonstrate the mic quality or user interface. I did find that the mic performed well in an exceptionally crowded product space. The mic quality isn’t at the highest possible tier when looking at other $100-120 mics (Yeti), but the rich feature set offers a lot of extra capabilities that other (simpler) mics simply do not offer. This mic also has a clip protection feature which means you can talk quietly or yell and still have a clear audio point that your viewers and listeners will appreciate. No distortion means a professional looking, and sounding, stream!

At $100, this is very easy to recommend if you need the kind of features the Roccat Torch provides. There is no software requirements either, which keeps computer resources near zero while also making setup fast and easy.

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