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What you need to know:

Some people, many who read this site, are electronics hardware enthusiasts.  We often dream of cool tech ideas that would make our lives easier.  Whether it be for our own selfish desire, or for the good of the people, something pops up every now and again.  For those who have taken it a step further and started bringing their ideas to life, HWTrek has set up a site just for you.  It’s a crowdfunding site for project creators who have a prototype in hand but can’t seem to take it to the next level.

Hurry up though!  Those who submit their project ideas by October 31st of this year are eligible to win.  HWTrek will then choose up to 5 projects to kick the process off.  Winners will then need to earn at least $50,000 in pre-order funding to receive matching funds from HWTrek.  This is basically a booster to help earn even more cash than a standard crowdfunding project would pull in.  These investors want new technology on the market.  Why should it be dominated by the same companies each year?  If you think you have the next breakout product we suggest checking these guys out to help give you any chance you can get.  Having an inventive spirit myself, I really enjoy companies like this.  If you have a friend that could benefit from knowing about this article, please forward this along.

Register Here:  http://www.hwtrek.com/prelaunch

The breakdown, and why it’s important:

– If a team raises $50k on the platform, they’ll provide an extra $20k
– If a team raises $100k on the platform, they’ll provide an extra $40k

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, HWTrek has a built-in community—with more than thirty individuals and companies, including some of the largest global ODM/OEMs—providing support for makers not only during funding, but at every stage of the manufacturing process. HWTrek’s goal is to pair crowdfunded hardware concepts and their project teams with experts in the design and manufacturing world. This expertise will help ensure that projects are designed and delivered at very high quality levels, on time, and on budget—overcoming a common issue among hardware innovators on other crowdfunding platforms.


  1. It is indeed pretty good. The deadline is soon but some people may have a project of some type already. I would think of this more as an additional avenue to pursue to help promote your idea. I would likely have been more inspired to make something for this if I had more time so I know what you’re saying.

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