Verizon Cranking Out Upgrades


Not the phone, the network.  Apparently that big appetite for squeezing consumers for every penny they can is actually being put back into the network.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  It bugs me that I need to spend close to what some save as a car payment just to have my phone work, with text and internet services of course.  At the same time though, Verizon is updating their towers and expanding network coverage (mainly LTE) literally weekly.  The news may tell lies but consistently reading about new site upgrades proves that Verizon isn’t pulling some media stunt.

If Verizon stays on this path, it will force other carriers to do the same.  They would need to compete so it’s safe to assume other carriers will match or come close to Verizon’s pricing model to generate the revenue they need for network growth and maintenance.  If they don’t Verizon will offer such a compelling service that more will switch, thus increasing prices yet again, which then forces others out of the competitive market.

So, how to feel about this one?  In a perfect world, I want low prices and better service.  If I had to choose one, unfortunately the services are more important.  Why pay $60 a month for nothing when $150 does so much more?  We shall see what the future holds in store.


  1. I am dreading November when my contract is up. When I signed up with Verizon I signed up in the last month they were doing their unlimited data plan. Without some compeling evidence that my money is actually getting me something worth it, I don’t really see a reason to stick with Verizon. I have checked and have been told several times that I could not grandfather in my data plan if i ever upgraded. So the choice is keep paying $80 bucks a month for unlimited data and be stuck with a 2 year old phone, or consider ditching them for someone else.

    If coverage is improved in the places i am and go, it might be worth it, but without, i am afraid I will follow to whoever can get me the phone I want at a similar price.

  2. Yeah it’s a tough decision. Even if I were to join a family plan, I only save about $20 a month when compared to a stand-alone package I currently get from T-Mobile. That’s pretty sad to think about. Verizon even charges you $3 a month now for “detailed billing” in order to view your phone numbers called and received on your monthly bill.

    Unfortunately, there are some areas where Verizon is one of your only choices. So in those markets, they can do whatever they want. In areas where service is equal, I’d imagine more people use competitor services rather than the much more expensive Verizon.

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